Brand Story

In 2005, NWO's lens factory has gradually stepped onto the right track, mainly engaged in lens production, and pioneered the development of colored lenses.


At that time, Zhejiang’s glasses manufacturing industry was still pieced together by various glasses accessories industry chains; at this time, NWO customers complained to Boss Wang: “Although the glasses made in China are good, no factory can serve me from every dimension of R&D, design and production" So Boss Wang came up with an idea to satisfy customers' need for one-stop glasses shopping.

In 2007, Boss Wang formed his own design and R&D team, and NWO brand glasses came into being. Boss Wang named the brand "NWO", and the name comes from the Chinese "NI" and "WO". He hopes that NWO will adhere to " "Customer (you)" is the helmsman of the navigation, "I" is the other side of the distance, with the aim of providing customers with one-stop service, starting independent research and development and design, and establishing OEM&ODM service  for customers.


NWO's dream

You and me together, achieve you and me.
You and me join hands to win the future.

NWO's core values

Integrity is based on society.
NWO creates the future.

Enterprise development history

  • NWO company was formally established in Zhejiang, China. It specializes in lenses and is a trendsetter in the color lens industry.

  • NWO developed the national color lens market successfully . After that, a professional design team was formed, we began to do independent research and development, design for finished glasses ,Opened the first sunglasses store, invested 10 million RMB for operation of independent brand. Established NWO brand glasses store, and a national retail market business landscape. Enter the retail system of large commercial districts in first and second-tier cities in China

  • NWO enters, allowing NWO's high-quality brand glasses to go out of China and serve people of world in OEM&ODM glasses. In the first year, It Becames the TOP1 supplier in glasses category , and became a five-star merchant. We have 2,482 OEM&ODM customers, shipped goods for 45,814 customers quickly, A maximum of 253 packages can be shipped in a single day. The cumulative number of packages is 87,523 in a year,we sold glasses over 1 million annually. OEM products can be delivered within 3 days, and ODM products can be delivered within 15 days. NWO received 99.86% five-star praise rate for fast shipping and production