How Skaters & Surfers See the World Differently


Skateboarding and surfing have a lot in common. Both involve boards, of course, and surfing even birthed skateboarding, inspiring kids to take their carves out of the ocean to concrete waves. But if you look more closely at each sport, you’ll see the similarities end there. Though, both skaters and surfers see the world differently than other people, they’re distinct subcultures, with different goals and different life paths. But skater or surfer, rocking unique, sport-ready sunglasses by Oakley helps them see clearly what they need to do and where they need to go.


Case in point. To skaters, every city, from its skyscrapers to its pot-holed parking lots, is a playground filled with endless possibilities. Where non-skaters might simply see buildings, grit, and grime, skaters see obstacles to be concurred and terrain to be conquered. It’s a creative outlook on the world that most people fail to understand.


To surfers, every wave is unique. Where non-surfers might simply see white-capped waves rolling in off a vast ocean to slam into a beach, surfers see possibilities, remembering and cataloging every wave they’ve ever ridden. Whether it’s a surfer’s first wave back after a long hiatus or a world-title winner, their mental rolodex remembers every one, providing satisfaction, while inspiring them to seek out even more perfect breaks.


To illustrate that point, Sunglass Hut and Oakley tapped skater Dashawn Jordan and surfer Eryn Krouse for its next social campaign, asking both board riders to capture life from their points of view. Stay tuned for these social videos to drop and in the meantime visit to learn how its sunglasses can help you see with your own perspective too.

Post time: Jul-04-2022