Our sales team


Our sales team

NWO sunglasses, as an eyewear company integrating industry and trade, has grown from a glasses workshop with only a few people to a large-scale glasses factory with hundreds of people. We learn while we work, we work while we learn. Sunglasses is a fashion product industry, we are committed to starting from each employee’s job career planning and job skills training planning, hoping that every employee can shine in the sunglasses industry or fashion industry. NWO sunglasses pays special attention to the systematic training of new employees, starting from basic industry expertise such as sunglasses lens technology, sunglasses frame design, and sunglasses color matching, and cross-departmental experience from our sunglasses sales staff to our own  factory production line.

In short, building a learning team is not just a slogan, nor just a few training sessions. This requires the enterprise to put it at the height of the company’s strategy, which is related to the continuous improvement and innovation ability of the enterprise. It is also a culture that needs to be promoted from top to bottom, starting from the details, and continuously promoting.


Company CEO sharing session

The company’s CEO Wang Gang aims to build a learning glasses team and lead by example. As a TOP1 supplier in the glasses industry, he had hold 102 sharing speeches in various places in 2021, sharing our small team in the glasses industry from the beginning to the formation of professional glasses manufacturing,the glasses design team, and the glasses sales team ,have shared our good experience and learned the advantages of other businesses at the same time.


Boss W internal sharing session

After each sharing session, when he returning to the company, the boss Wang will organize an internal sharing session to share the management concepts and good ideas of other excellent merchants what he learned during this trip. boss Wang always believes that learning is the foundation of glasses innovation. Only by being good at learning can the NWOsunglasses team become a continuous innovation and efficient glasses team.

In this era, everything is changing faster and faster, and the anxiety brought about by the new changes in the sunglasses industry has always plagued each of us. The best way to deal with the changes and anxiety of the glasses industry is to improve the glasses manufacturing ability through learning, and respond to the new changes in the glasses industry ,through the improvement of service ability. Therefore, the core of the learning team lies in ability improvement. Not how many books you read and how many courses you take in a year!

Post time: Feb-28-2022