skiing goggles

The snow environment where skiing is easy to cause snow blindness, high-speed sports on the way to fall is also easy to hurt the eyes, coupled with the cold wind skiing in the eyes of great damage, so the need for ski goggles to protect the eyes of skiers.


Ski goggles are divided into mountain goggles, platform goggles, cross-country goggles, free goggles, etc. A good ski glasses can play the following functions:
1. to prevent cold wind damage to the eyes, the use of temperature should be 30 degrees below zero, the lens frame is not brittle crack.
2.High quality mirror coating prevents ultraviolet rays from burning eyes and effectively filters harmful light to glasses. While keeping the brightness and the view open.
3.air circulation design and anti-fog materials to ensure that the mirror can not fog, glasses should be ergonomic, do not shake. The length and width of the mirror band with good elasticity. 4. The frames are made of soft and special materials, usually polycarbonate (a special plastic). The glasses only deform under the action of external force, and the external force should be quickly restored.
4.After an accident, the glasses should not hurt the face even if they are broken. In some areas there are standards for impact pressure.
6. Players with glasses are advised to choose ski goggles that can be worn with glasses. If wearing invisible glasses to ski, pay attention to be sure to keep the eyes moist to avoid visual fatigue.


Coca myopia glasses ski glasses are mainly in the frame to do a special design, increased production costs. In THE POSITION OF TEMPLE OF LEFT AND RIGHT SIDES OF PICTURE FRAME OPENS COMMONLY HAVE GROOVE, IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THE LENS LEG OF FIXED MYopIC GLASSES. Although this kind of snow lens has a large interior space, it is not suitable for all myopic glasses. Generally, we recommend to wear: memory or TR90 material, glasses with good flexibility of the lens leg, and anti-fogging glasses for myopic glasses. This method is used for people with small frames.


The corresponding needs of different lens colors for ski glasses:
1.The gray piece belongs to the neutral color system, which can evenly absorb any chromatograph. Although the scenery will become dark, there will be no obvious color difference, which can show the real natural feeling. Suitable for outdoor activities like sightseeing and photography.
2. the blue and gray lens is similar to the gray lens, also belongs to the neutral lens, but the color is slightly darker, visible light absorption rate is higher. If the outdoor area is particularly bright, consider wearing blue-gray eyes.
3. mercury lens lens surface using high density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb and reflect visible light more, suitable for long time outdoor sports.
4. brown lenses filter out a lot of blue light, to a certain extent, can improve visual clarity and contrast. If the ambient air pollution is serious or foggy, wearing tan outdoor glasses has a better visual effect.
5. the green lens in addition to can absorb part of the light, can maximize the green light to reach the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for eyes easy fatigue travelers use.
6. the yellow lens almost does not reduce visible light, but in fog and dusk, it can improve the contrast, provide a more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision goggles. Some young people also wear “sunglasses” with yellow lenses as decoration.
7. Other mirror colors, such as light blue and light pink, are more decorative than practical

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